Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Dolphin Can Do Anything: Ashley Cupaiuolo

Another outstanding JU commencement has come and gone, but at the Alumni Office, our work is just getting started making sure all the new graduates are also ready to become new alumni.

Recently, we wrote a post about what some of the amazing JU Alumni are doing out in the world, but we have one more to add. 2008 graduate Ashley Cupaiuolo recently made an appearance on the The Ellen Show and walked away quite happy (well, not quite walked). While some of may have seen the recent article on the JU website about this, we were lucky enough to receive a note from Ashley herself about her new-found fame (as a note, she had quite a lot to say, so the letter has been condensed):
Hello all! I hope you all remember me, this is Ashley Cupaiuolo, I graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in Psychology and Sociology. I just wanted to send a big thank you for all that you have done for me! You helped to make my time at JU wonderful, and I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for you!
Just a little recap of what I have been doing, after I graduated I was working at JU through AmeriCorps. I started the non-profit Campus Kitchen, in collaboration with Artie and Sodexo, that helped feed a low-income subsidy housing complex just 5 minutes down the street (among other events). In August 2009, I moved to California and completed my second year as a full-time volunteer through AmeriCorps. I taught Adult Basic Education classes for adults who took the initiative to go back to school to receive either their high school diploma or their GED to further their future.
After completing two years of AmeriCorps, I wanted to continue working for organizations like AmeriCorps, so I started to apply for Teach For America. The application process was an extremely long 8 months, then finally I was accepted!! I am actually going to be moving back to Jacksonville! The West side this time! I will be teaching secondary math, not sure exactly the grade, but the school will most likely be Jeffrey Davis Middle. I start this position in August 2011, and I will definitely be visiting JU.
In the meantime, while I was waiting/hoping for my acceptance into Teach For America, I have been volunteering my time with military families. I currently live in Virginia Beach, VA and babysit for two families who have husbands deployed. Also, I volunteer with the Navy base here hosting events in support of military families with loved ones deployed.
Anyway, other than sending all my gratitude and many thanks for being a big part of my life's journey so far, I wanted you all to watch this clip:

Thank you so much again!!!! You all mean so much to me! and do such great things with your lives!!!

Ashley Cupaiuolo

Do you have an interesting story about your life to share with your fellow Dolphins? If so, send us a note.

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