Thursday, February 4, 2010

Being a Dolphin’s never been easier

If you could bottle up what it means to be a Jacksonville University Dolphin, recent, or past – would you keep it as a secret all to yourself?

Connecting with long lost classmates, sharing photos of your family, or getting better networked with the Dolphin business community, Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have simplified being connected. They quickly eliminate the distance between people and provide the opportunity to be a more active participant in the things we all wish we had more time to do.

As Director of Alumni Relations, and a proud double graduate of JU ’06 MBA’08, I’m helping to launch this blog in conjunction with our Alumni Speakers Series. Our goal is to maximize the use of social networking sites to better connect with you. Keeping news and information up to date while providing expert opinion on relevant topics from our very own Alumni we hope will continue to keep everyone connected and create or renew your relationship with the Dolphin network across the country.

In my dual role as alum and serving the Alumni Community, it’s important to recognize:

1. We are a team. The Dolphin Network is made up of more than 24,000 individuals and like a Pod (of Dolphins!) we all have a role to play in the success of the university. Dolphin pride continues to grow across the country with budding alumni chapters from San Diego to Boston. The local and national network of dolphins continues to work together for the benefit of the students and alumni alike. Our mission is to produce successful, community-minded graduates who will make a difference in their careers and in the world. To continue this trend we need your help! Spread the word! Join the network!

2. Continuous improvement! We continue to improve our facilities, academic programs and internship opportunities. Building the bridge between classroom theory and real world application is a major component to our shared future success. JU offers more internship and service learning programs now than ever. We even offer community service projects for alums!

So how do you get involved?

Join us on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter to get updates on Alumni, Fine arts, Athletics and campus events and activites! Staying connected has never been so easy and you’re sure to find an area of interest among our diverse offerings.

A re-occurring question I keep hearing is… “I really need to increase my network professionally and personally” or “how do I get more sales or leads”? Tapping into the Dolphin network is an easy answer; specifically here are a few tips that may help guide you on how to network more effectively. These ten points are a compilation of other people’s ideas – so don’t give me all the credit! They have been shaved down to a “Top Ten” list.

1. Know what your purpose is for networking.

2. Arrive early (This is one of the best times for meeting like minded individuals and the food is fresh!) Make sure you’ve scheduled enough time for the event, don’t leave early, or slip out the door.

3. Identify yourself and your organization with a name tag (on your right side).

4. Become a great listener.

5. Spend more time with the people you don’t already know.

6. Networking isn’t gossiping, remember to stick to your purpose for being there.

7. Be respectful of people and their conversations, don’t barge in.

8. You don’t have to meet everyone, and if you miss someone, it’s a great way to introduce yourself outside the event.

9. Be helpful to the people you meet first and watch the good fortune return to you.

If you have any networking tips of your own you’d like to share, post them below, or e-mail them to

Thanks for connecting and following our blog and remember there is no better time than NOW to be a JU Dolphin!


Learn more about Matthew Kampfe in The Spring Edition of The Wave Magazine, on the Jacksonville University website, or find and connect with him on Linkedin.

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